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Glickman's Pure Confectionery

Jamie Oliver visits Glickman's in Glasgow

On the 1st of November 2010 we had celebrity chef Jamie Oliver visiting Glickman’s. Jamie came to watch our famous Swiss cream tablet and macaroon cake being made in our kitchen using traditional copper pots and being poured onto the metal slabs. It is a process that we have used for over a 100 years manufacturing confectionery using traditional methods. With a quick dip into the melted chocolate Jamie put his magic touch to covering a macaroon bar then quickly sampled our famous cough tablet commenting on its unusual aniseed taste. We were very surprised to discover that Jamie had never seen or tried a frying pan lolly, still very popular here in Scotland. We hope that a picture of our frying pans will appear in his new book! With great amusement Jamie took to the front counter wishing to become our new shop trainee, serving the first customer that entered. “Hi my name is Jamie and I’m new here!” ....And we wish he was still here! What a lovely guy and a great day to remember.
TV programme showing Jamie's visit is due for transmission in Autumn/Winter 2011. Exact time and channel will be posted on this page when we know!  



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